2.2 – Just do it.

I did it. Even after a long 12hr working day I managed to avoid my slippers and reach for my running trainers.

I’m glad I did. I’m always glad…afterwards.

See you soon.



2.1 – I got lost.

Has it really been a year and a half since I last posted? So many months, so little miles. The shame.

Lets just say my motivation to run is somewhat indifferent at times. Since discovering running in my late 20’s, my motivation to hit the streets has always differed. I could be out three times a week for two months but then only manage one run the following two months.

I blame two things for this;

  1. I’m quite often an incompletionist*.
  2. I’m not fit, I play football as much as I can and I quite often get injured.

However, I am here now. I haven’t ran for weeks. This is a pre-run entry and once I find the new running trainers Santa gave me a month or so ago I shall venture out into that big, dark, cold, damp place we call outside and I will feel better for it.

*Until I’m offered an alternative, ‘incompletionist’ is a word

Title: As this is the beginning of a new chapter I have altered the title numbering slightly. It should make sense.


16 – Over One Hill, Bottom Of Another.

I got out late Sunday evening to surpass the half way mark so I have now ran 51km this month. There is still a long way to go and my opportunities to complete this mammoth task are ever decreasing, especially as I’ve woken up this morning with a tender knee. I played football last night. Not too strenuous a task as the team we played were about as good as the best side my nearest retirement home could field.

I went to bed last night fine. In actual fact, had it not been the finale of Game of Thrones last night I’d have gone for a quick burn when I got home. I’m short of reasons why then I’m tackling my stairs like a person from said retirement home. Today is a rest day anyway so I just hope I’m ok for football again tomorrow night.

Samuel Eto'o


15 – Succeed, exceed.

I made it out as I’d hoped despite spending a number of hours in the garden trimming a few bushes for the wife. It was a scorcher today too so I made sure I had a little sit down before sending myself out there.

The target was 7k today, 7k tomorrow. I ran 11.


Do not underestimate the power of the mind. I wasn’t keen on going out in all honesty. I thought I’d struggle so I began with the slowest first kilometre imaginable, just in case anything more than a trot was too much too soon.

My 9th km was tough as hell as I had decided that would be my lot for the evening but as soon as I began to walk home I felt such a buzz from doing so well I was practically skipping.

Time wasn’t an issue and with the boost of a second wind I reached for my phone and restarted my runkeeper for a quick burn. This is what I think they call ‘Beast Mode’. And, I felt it. I was as enthusiastic about running as ever and I’ll be out again tomorrow to pass my half way mark.


Succeed, exceed.


14 – Motivation Is Huge.

Wednesday nights I play football so it was only last night (Thursday) I could gain more ground on that stupid 100k I set myself. Do you know what else is stupid…me! Why did i set myself such an outrageous target in the first place? Why did I set myself such an outrageous target in the same month as the World Cup? And, why did I set myself such an outrageous target and make it public?


Yesterday, during work, I’d convinced myself that the 100k was out of my reach. We had ascertained in my last blog post that another 25k before the end of Sunday would make it half distance and that was only 4 days away. Achieving that would mean we were half distance with half the time remaining. To make it then, I had to run 5k on Thursday night followed by a 10k on both Saturday and Sunday.

Brazil kicking off the World Cup or not, after I got home from work I was going for a run. So, after I’d put my little boy to bed I hit the streets. I was approaching the end of my 5k and was feeling good when the competitive and determined thoughts began. “I could do more.” And, “Shall I do another 5k? I’m out anyway and it leaves less to do at the weekend” After a 10min walk I ran a further 6k home. I ran 11k in total!

I’m now only 14k away from that halfway point instead of my projected 20km.



13 – Busy…Football…Back On It

My last actual run was last Monday, that’s 8 days ago. It was a brief 3km after Football. It was an attempt to eek out as many kilometres as possible. Since then I’ve clocked….erm, not many.

My excuses include a night out with work, a night with the wife, 2 football games and a day playing FootGolf and boozing. I know you’ll sympathise so I won’t prolong my search for forgiveness any longer.

My target of 100km before June 30th remains and I am pleased to say that I did manage an impromptu 6km this evening. This leaves our target within reach but I have it all to do. To be half way, I’ll need to run another 25km in the next 4 days. Leave it with me 😉